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Run 4 Fund$ Time!

The annual Greenwood Fun Run is back!

What is Run 4 Fund$?

Run 4 Fund$ is Greenwood Elementary PTCO's biggest fundraiser this year.

Money raised by students for this fun and engaging event will go toward everything the PTCO does for Greenwood Elementary, including grants to our teachers for equipment and supplies, curriculum support, teacher assistant salaries, and other critical items for our school, like computers and sound systems for the teachers. Click here for more information about where the PTCO spends its funds.

How do we participate?

Friends and family can participate in Run 4 Fund$ from far and wide! Simply go to the Run 4 Fund$ website (button below) and have your students email anyone they'd like to ask for support. People can donate a certain amount per lap your child runs or simply a set amount for participation. Anyone can contribute online or by sending a check (made out to "Greenwood PTCO") with your child to school on the last donation day below. It's that easy!

When does the Fun Run Start?

Save the following dates in your calendars for this year's event!

  • September 20th - Student Assembly at School. Look for your students' packets to come home this day with more information about how to raise funds for Greenwood.

  • September 28th - FUN RUN! This will take place at school during school hours and will be broken down by grade.

  • October 4th - Donations due. Please make sure anyone who is donating submits their donations online or in your students' packets by this day.

  • October 13th - Prize Day. This is the day the kids get to bring home any prizes they've earned with their donations!

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