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Why Donate to the Greenwood Elementary PTCO?

Giving Back

Greenwood Elementary PTCO donations go toward crucial things that help support our teachers and enrich our students' elementary experience, including funding for wellness programs, teacher assistant salaries, outdoor learning spaces, laptops and other STEM supplies, Art, Music, PE and playground equipment, grade enrichment opportunities and field trips, classroom supplies, and teacher/staff appreciation events, among many, many more things. 


The PTCO prides itself in listening to our teachers' needs, and conducts an annual grant cycle for materials, equipment and supplies requested by our wonderful teachers and staff so that we can provide our children the best educational experience possible.  Without donations to the PTCO we would not be able to make these grant cycles possible.  

Please consider donating today!

Questions?  Email Greenwood PTCO's treasurer at Greenwood

Every Day Ways to Help the Greenwood PTCO

More easy and FREE ways to support our school!



King Soopers Community
Rewards Program


Family Nights Out

September - May 

Participate in our multiple Family Nights Out throughout the year!  Pick up dinner from one of the many participating restaurants and a portion of their proceeds will benefit the Greenwood PTCO!

Click below for upcoming dates and restaurants.

Volunteer Options

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