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New Families


How do I register my children in the Cherry Creek School District?

If you are new to the school or district, you will need to register with the district office (not Greenwood).  Please find instructions for registering here.  

Where can I find the student supply list?

Student supply lists for the upcoming year are posted below.  Every year the PTCO coordinates with EduKit so that parents can order their kids' school supplies in a pre-packaged set that will be shipped directly to the school in the fall.  Parents are free to buy their own supplies or purchase through the EduKit site.  

How can I get involved?

There are multiple opportunities to volunteer at Greenwood Elementary.  Some volunteers are needed during the school day, but a lot of other help is doable on your own time.  The Greenwood PTCO wants to make sure that everyone who wants to get involved can do so.  Check out our volunteer page to find options that fit for your family. 

How do I get school emails and notices?

To receive emails and notices from the school and the PTCO, please send us an email here! Please provide your name, preferred email, phone number, children's name(s), grade and teacher. You will receive our weekly "Greenwood Grizzly Guide" that includes crucial information about the school, upcoming events, and messages from our Principal.  Also you will receive class specific emails!

Can I schedule a school visit?

Come tour Greenwood Elementary! Call the Greenwood front office at 720-554-3400 for scheduling and availability.

What are my online resources as a parent?

Greenwood Elementary School has set up a variety of online resources so parents can stay in touch with their teachers and students can continue learning at home. Here are some key ones:

School supplies on black board backgroun


The Greenwood PTCO has a committee of people who are here to help new families learn about the school, answer their questions, and connect you with parents and children in our community.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  Send us your name and information and someone will be in touch shortly. We are here to help!

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