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Raising funds, building community, and providing services for Greenwood. Learn more here. 

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Stay up to date with news relating to Greenwood Elementary and the Cherry Creek School District.

Notebook and Pen

Keep up with and calendar fundraising events, Greenwood Gatherings, and activities at the school.

Back to School

Important links and information for incoming and current parents of students at Greenwood Elementary


Learn about the many before and after school activities, clubs, and childcare available for Greenwood students.

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Learn about the many ways you can support  Greenwood from raising funds to volunteering at the school.

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Family Nights Out

September - May 

Participate in our multiple Family Nights Out throughout the year!  Pick up dinner from one of the many participating restaurants and a portion of their proceeds will benefit the Greenwood PTCO!

Click below for upcoming dates and restaurants.


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