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PTCO FUNDS - Where does the money go?

In addition to the amazing teachers and staff at Greenwood Elementary, the generosity year over year of our Greenwood community has enabled our school to provide the excellent education and learning environment that Greenwood has come to be known for.

The large majority of PTCO funds go toward the annual salaries of Greenwood's awesome Teacher's Assistants who do so much to help our teachers, staff, and students. We also host multiple events throughout the year, including the annual Fun Run, Greenwood Gatherings like Trunk or Treat, Mom's Night Out, the end of year Carnival, and a semi-annual Auction. Plus, every year, the PTCO hosts a grant cycle where teachers and staff are able to submit requests for large items for their classrooms, like computers, this year's microphones/sound systems for each of the teachers, alternative desk options, and technology. We also provide each grade a standard school supply budget and put on multiple teacher appreciation events throughout the year.

Click here for more information about how the Greenwood PTCO raises funds and where the money goes.

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