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What is the Greenwood PTCO and how do I get involved?

The Greenwood Elementary PTCO is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Cherry Creek Schools Parents' Council and is the parent/teacher organization supporting Greenwood Elementary School.

Here are a couple quick facts about the Greenwood PTCO and how you can get involved:

  • How do I join the PTCO? The Greenwood Elementary PTCO is made up of all of the parents, faculty, and staff of Greenwood Elementary School. No need to sign up to join! If your child is enrolled at Greenwood Elementary School you are automatically a voting member of the Greenwood PTCO.

  • Who manages the PTCO? The Greenwood Elementary PTCO is run by an executive board that includes Greenwood's principal and parents of children attending Greenwood who are elected to the Executive Board by the general membership every spring for the following school year. All of our fundraising and events are run by volunteers from the Greenwood community.

  • What is the PTCO's purpose? Our purpose is to enrich the educational experience of Greenwood Elementary students by raising funds, building community, and providing services for Greenwood Elementary School. Check out this page for more information about how we raise and spend funds donated to the PTCO.

  • How can I get more involved at Greenwood Elementary School? We are always looking for volunteers to help at the school or do work behind the scenes. There is something for everyone and every schedule. Please check out our Volunteer Page to see all of the fantastic options you can choose from to get more involved with the PTCO and the school.


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