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Get a Reserved Parking Spot at Greenwood!

Want to have guaranteed parking available on campus for school pick-up and drop-off and other school events and activities? Are you a regular school volunteer that would love to be able to pop in and pop out of campus, regardless of how full the parking lot may be? Get your virtual paddle ready for our online auction for the two reserved parking spaces located on the South side of the building.

Bidding will open up at the Back to School Picnic this Friday and close on Friday, September 1st at noon! Be on the lookout for more information at the Picnic and in this week's Greenwood Grizzly about how to sign up for the auction. All proceeds will go to the Greenwood PTCO.

*Parking Spots won through this online auction will be reserved for the Fall Semester Only. We will host a separate auction for the Spring Semester.

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