Back to School "To Do" List for Families

We are thrilled you will be joining Greenwood Elementary School for the 2021/2022 school year. And believe it or not, the start of school is only a few weeks away!

To get ready, the Greenwood PTCO has put together a short "to do" list for Greenwood families so the the first day of school goes off without a hitch.

Order Your School Supplies

If you order before July 28th, you can get everything in one easy package from EduKit by clicking below. After July 28th, you can find each grade's list of supplies by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Sign Up for School Emails

Greenwood uses PTOffice to give updates to the Greenwood Community about upcoming events and important information from the Principal, your children's teachers, and the Cherry Creek School District. During the school year, you will also receive a weekly Greenwood Grizzly Guide with important information for Greenwood Families.

Each family can sign up multiple people to receive emails from PTOffice. Click below to sign up or update your information before school begins. And you can click here to go to our FAQ page for instructions about how to register your family or input your updates.

Check In Your Students Using the Parent Portal

The My Cherry Creek Parent Portal provides parents the ability to access common district resources online and includes the forms that must be filled out each year for incoming Greenwood Students. Please make sure you are registered, your children are checked in for the upcoming school year, and your parent information is up to date ahead of the first day of school. (If you haven't registered for the My Cherry Creek Parent Portal yet click on the "Need Account Assistance" link included on the webpage below.)

Sign Up for Free Ways to Help Greenwood

There are three easy and FREE ways to help out Greenwood Elementary! Click below for information about how to sign up at Amazon, King Soopers and Box Tops for Education so your daily purchases can help out the school!

Visit the Back to School Shop

The Back to School Shop includes several essentials for Greenwood students and families:

  • Field Day Shirts - Students will wear these t-shirts from Kindergarten through 5th grade for all of their field trips and field days (so consider ordering a size up to make them last longer). Each grade has a separate designated color that will follow them through each grade at Greenwood, so the color you receive will be based on your child’s grade this year. If your shirt from a previous year still fits, feel free to continue using that one (or get a back-up)!

  • Student Directories - The Greenwood PTCO puts together a directory that will be available for parents of Greenwood students with contact and class information for each student. Purchase yours at the Back to School store so you are sure to have information for playdates, birthday parties, and parent gatherings for the 2021/2022 school year.

  • Class Party Contributions - Every year Greenwood students get to celebrate different events within their classroom with their teachers and classmates, including Valentine's day, Halloween, and other end of year celebrations. The PTCO organizes and reimburses expenses for these parties, and we ask that each Greenwood parent contribute $10/child to defray some of these costs. *Please note that amounts collected above and beyond what is spent for these parties (if any) is added to the PTCO General Fund, which contributes to, among many other things, salaries for Greenwood’s TAs and general classroom supplies.



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