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Spring Wellness Challenge

Catch some ZZZs!

So we are challenging our Grizzlies to stick to an established healthy sleep routine for at least 5 days throughout the challenge!

Your routine may include:

  • Turning off all electronics and ending screen time one hour before bed

  • Reading a book or listening to a story

  • Taking a warm bath/shower

  • Brushing teeth and washing up

  • Meditating

  • Getting a (parent-set) amount of sleep each night (10-11 hours for example)

Use the form sent home with your children this week to jot down your own goals for a healthy sleep routine and keep track of your sleep each night between April 4th and April 13th to be eligible for a Wellness Challenge prize.

Then, when all 5 days are filled in, turn your completed challenge form into the Wellness Challenge Folder in your classroom by Wednesday, April 13th to get your chance at a prize. And the class with the highest percentage participation will earn an extra recess!

What's better than winning a prize while you sleep!

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