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Spring Wellness Challenge

Catch some ZZZs!

School aged children require 9-12 hours of sleep a night. But many kids get only 7-8 hours consistently. Lack of adequate sleep, however, can lead to mood swings, reduced cognitive function, difficulty concentrating, lower testing in school, and an overall drop in school performance. Poor sleep habits can also lead to poor eating habits.

So we are challenging our Grizzlies to stick to an established healthy sleep routine for at least 5 days throughout the challenge!

Your routine may include:

  • Turning off all electronics and ending screen time one hour before bed

  • Reading a book or listening to a story

  • Taking a warm bath/shower

  • Brushing teeth and washing up

  • Meditating

  • Getting a (parent-set) amount of sleep each night (10-11 hours for example)

Use the form sent home with your children this week to jot down your own goals for a healthy sleep routine and keep track of your sleep each night between April 4th and April 13th to be eligible for a Wellness Challenge prize.

Then, when all 5 days are filled in, turn your completed challenge form into the Wellness Challenge Folder in your classroom by Wednesday, April 13th to get your chance at a prize. And the class with the highest percentage participation will earn an extra recess!

What's better than winning a prize while you sleep!


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