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End Of Year Staff Gift Card Program - Due May 13th!

Join us in thanking our teachers and staff for a great year!

How does the "Raise Right" Program Work?



Your family can contribute any dollar amount to any teacher or staff member at Greenwood by clicking on the link below. Simply select the teacher/staff member and enter the dollar amount you'd like to contribute.


Once everyone has contributed, the funds for each teacher/staff member are compiled into a "Raise Right" account for them to use in selecting gift cards for themselves and their families (think anything from Amazon and Starbucks to Home Depot or Gap).


How does this help Greenwood Elementary?


Each participating retailer donates a percentage of each gift card purchase to the Greenwood PTCO. So the teachers/staff get the full value of your contribution and a percentage of that contribution also comes back to the school through each gift card purchase.


Why Should Your Family Participate?


It’s a triple win:


The program is easy for families to give a holiday "thank you" to the teachers and staff that make our school great.


Teachers and staff can choose the gift cards they want.


The PTCO gets funds from each gift card purchase.


Please note that teachers and staff are notified of the participating families, but never the individual amounts gifted.

**This is a gift and not a tax deductible donation. Your contributions do not go to the Greenwood PTCO. They will go directly toward the families as directed by the Principal of Greenwood Elementary.**

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