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Don't Forget to Order Your School Supplies!

July 28th is the last day to order school supplies through the Greenwood PTCO's partnership with EduKit.

For those who have not used EduKit before, EduKit provides a convenient option for busy families to order all of their children's school supplies in one teacher-approved kit that will be delivered directly to your door. No more multiple stops to find the right supplies or searching through the internet to find everything you need. It is all handled with one (or maybe two) simple clicks.

Your order can currently be placed through EduKit's Last Chance program and will be delivered to your home on or before August 11th ahead of Greenwood Elementary' s start date. Click below to order yours now!

And as always, if you prefer to order your own supplies separately, you are free to do so. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for each grade's list of supplies.

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