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Book Fair Time!

Our Scholastic Book Fair is up and running. We are thrilled that we can have the fair back in person this year. Please come shop in person Monday, November 1 – Thursday, November 4 in our library 7:30 a.m.- *6:00 p.m. And read below about more details and fun events associated with the fair.

*If you are coming after 4:00 p.m. please use the back Bear Club entrance.

Donuts with Dear Ones! Don't miss this! Wednesday, November 3rd!

Starts at 1:45 pm after Wednesday's early dismissal.

Donuts, coffee, and water will be provided.

Shop with your student for your family and your teachers!

A portion of every dollar spent helps support the school!

WISH BINS: All of our fabulous teachers will have classroom "wish bins" where they will place books they want for their classroom. Parents can buy any or all of them, and we will provide gift stickers for the inside cover. All wish bin purchased books will be delivered to the teachers at the end of the fair.

This is a wonderful way to thank your children's teachers AND support the school!

eWallet: This is essentially an electronic gift card. Parents (and other friends and family members) can put money onto the student's eWallet, and then students can come to the fair and shop on their own. No more need to send cash to school.

Click below for information about how to set up an eWallet for your children to use!


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